lampGreen McDonald’s in Cary, North Carolina

The Town of Cary is home to the first AND second green, LEED-certified McDonald’s in North Carolina located at 1299 Kildaire Farm Road which opened in July 2009 and 1830 Walnut Street which opened in November 2013.

The Richards Advantage also provides Car Charging Stations at THREE McDonald’s locations,1299 Kildaire Farm Road, 1830 Walnut Street and 3494 Kildaire Farm Road

Here are just a few of the environmentally-friendly features that are included in our Walnut Street location:

  • An on-site Solar Canopy generating 36.96 kW converted power directly to the restaurant. The electricity generated by the solar canopy provides 7.5% of the overall power needed to run the restaurant.
  • Composting of restaurant waste both by the consumer and in the kitchen and recycling of cardboard and oil.
  • 99% of the old restaurant was recycled/reused during the demolition process.
  • Dual charging 240V, 32 amp Electric Vehicle Charging Station.
  • 100% LED Lighting fixtures as well as tubular skylights.
  • Water-efficient restroom/kitchen fixtures and high-efficiency kitchen equipment.
  • Building materials that feature a high recycled content including 100 percent recycled brick.
  • Drought tolerant landscape plants with no permanent irrigation system.

This McDonald’s is targeted for Gold LEED-certification by the U.S. Green Building Council as part of the McDonald’s LEED Volume program.

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